LiveJournal Crosspost Module/Extension Version 1.1

Monday, April 03, 2006

Made some updates to my LiveJournal Crosspost Module/Extension, making it version 1.1. I fixed a couple of bugs. And then I changed one of the module’s tags ({exp:lj_crosspost:id}) so that they’d be more consistent. It will mess up your templates, so check the docs to see how to change your code.

Also, I added another option where you can specify whether you want to enable/disable comments for any particular entry. In the last version, if you enabled comments on your ExpressionEngine entry, it would enable comments on the LiveJournal entry, and same if you disabled comments. I realized this isn’t ideal, because you might want to, say, enable comments on your EE entry, but disable comments on your LJ entry, and force users to comment only on the EE entry so that the conversation won’t be broken up into two places.

Next up: I would like to put the documentation in a separate readme file, instead of having it in the control panel – that way, you can read the documentation before installing the module.

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