Blogs ... Infectious?

Friday, March 05, 2004

I can agree with this article, which says that some of the more popular bloggers borrow links / topics from lesser known blogs, sometimes without linking back. These popular bloggers are the ones who “infect” the rest of the blogosphere.

I post links I get from other blogs. If I click on a link from somewhere, whether it be a blog or a website or a search engine, and I like the link, then I may want to blog about it. And sometimes I don’t link back, because I don’t remember where I got the link from. In the end, my blog is my record of links and thoughts etc., so why shouldn’t I blog about thinks I’m interested in or like, even if it’s been blogged about already?

But obviously I am not one of the more popular bloggers.

By the way, I found the link while reading my BlogLines subscriptions, and not from anyone else. smile

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