Someone explain Vox to me

Saturday, June 03, 2006

SixApart’s newest project, Vox was unveiled on June 1st. I read their info page and I still don’t get how it’s different from LiveJournal. Couldn’t they have just improved LiveJournal instead of making another service? I wonder if a lot of people who are currently using LiveJournal are going to switch over to Vox. I’m pretty muched tied to LJ because I have a Permanent Account there.

I do want to try out Vox though. Anyone have an invite to send my way? silly

Some news on gmail and LJ

Friday, January 20, 2006

Gmail has now added in a delete button. Awesome. I noticed it when the Greasemonkey script (which does the same thing) stopped working.

LiveJournal has made some changes to their URLs. Now all LJs are accessed using a subdomain, Old URLs (that look like are automatically forwarded to the new ones. I don’t like this, because of the way I browse through LJ. I like being able to go to my browser’s address bar, typing the letter l, and getting the auto-complete feature to list all of the LiveJournal addresses that I’ve recently visited. With the new URL changes this won’t be possible. sad

So much disk space

Thursday, January 05, 2006

DreamHost just upped the disk space and bandwidth for all their plans by an insane amount. The lowest plan now offers 20GB of space, and 1TB of bandwidth, and these amounts grow every week. 20GB is two thirds the size of my computer’s hard drive! And I just moved from DH! My account with them doesn’t expire until March though. I feel tempted to continue hosting there and use it for file storage. Except I can’t imagine what to put there.

Here’s part of DreamHost’s newsletter, announcing the disk/bandwidth upgrade:

But first, other webhosts are upping their disk space.
Don’t count on DreamHost to fall behind in this foot race.

From that it seems like DH is trying to keep up with the competition. Are there really other hosts really offering this much for such a low price? And are these hosts reliable?

In December LiveJournal gave all permanent account holders 10GB of Scrapbook space. Paid account holders got 1GB. You can upload images, and supposedly videos, to the Scrapbook. A 1 year Flickr paid account, which costs about the same as a LiveJournal 1 year paid account, offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It all seems like so much for so little.

It might just be me. I’m still ogling the 2+ GB of space that gmail offers.

Gmail URL Change

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

When I checked my gmail email address today, I noticed that my custom skin wasn’t working, and my greasemonkey scripts weren’t working either. The gmail url has changed from to, which messed up the scripts. Luckily the two greasemonkey scripts I use (smart delete and persistent searches) posted updates. Now I have to fix my skin.

Stretching Machine?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

There’s a link on Engadget about stretching machines in China which makes you taller. First a doctor breaks your legs, and then uses metal pins to put the bones back together. Then, you have to lie down on the stretching machine and twist a knob to pull the bones away from each other. It’s suppose to encourage bone growth in the gap, so that you get longer bones. There are pictures from commercials which demonstrate this.

This sounds like a really crazy way of trying to get taller. The word that comes to mind is Procrustean. smile

WordPress Advertisements

Thursday, March 31, 2005

I just read an article from about advertisements on the site. The ads are hidden from the view of users using CSS, but search engines robots can easily find the links. My first thought was that this must be an early April Fool’s joke. But it doesn’t seem like it is…

I’ll keep up with this bit of news by checking Technorati.

Update: a response.

Friendster and Typepad

Friday, March 04, 2005

Friendster and TypePad have partnered together to provide weblogs to Friendster users. There is a free version available, as well as several paid options, and the free version has ads. I went and created a sample weblog to test it out, of course.

I like it. It seems quite feature-rich, even the free option. You get comments, trackbacks,  photo albums, typelists, moblogging, and you can display some things from your Friendster profile. The only option that I think free users would love to have is the password protection.

I have no use for that blog though, so I won’t use it.

LJ Down and I Frown

Saturday, January 15, 2005

LiveJournal seems to be completely down right now. And I miss it! sad

Here’s what is displayed when you try to access the site:

Our data center (Internap) lost all its power, including redundant backup power, for some unknown reason. (unknown to me, at least) We’re currently dealing with bringing our 100+ servers back online. Not fun. We’re not happy about this. Sorry… :-/ More details later.

Update #1, 7:35 pm PST: we’re up on ‘dirty’ power for now (it works, but it’s unreliable), and we’re working to assess the state of the databases. The worst thing we could do right now is rush the site up in an unreliable state. We’re checking all the hardware and data, making sure everything’s consistent. Where it’s not, we’ll be restoring from recent backups and replaying all the changes since that time, to get to the current point in time, but in good shape. We’ll be providing more technical details later, for those curious, on the power failure (when we learn more), the database details, and the recovery process. For now, please be patient. We’ll be working all weekend on this if we have to.

Oh well. I guess I can go play The Sims instead.

More news on Six Apart and LiveJournal

Thursday, January 06, 2005

There’s an interview at SiliconBeat, where Six Apart people Mena Trott and Barak Berkowitz talk about their acquisition of LiveJournal.

Rumour is True - Six Apart has bought LiveJournal

Thursday, January 06, 2005

The rumours are true - Six Apart HAS bought LiveJournal, or rather, Danga, which is the company behind LiveJournal and several other products. There are several announcements from the two companies - on the LJ news journal, Mena’s Corner, the 6A Press Release and the 6A FAQ. This is a merge of two big names in the blogging world.

I heard about this rumour when it had already been circulating for quite a while, so the speculation and news has all happened within the past 24 hours. First I was shocked, then panicky, then apprehensive. Now I’m still shocked. I’m looking at this from the point of view of an LJ user. I don’t know whether everyone using LJ is going to care about this, but I do. I want to be optimistic. I want to trust Brad and Mena and Ben etc. I want to believe that this news will be the best for everyone. I can’t yet though. I don’t really like a change as big as this, because it *is* scary. I don’t plan on giving up my LJ, but maybe I’ll back up my posts now.

There are some things I am glad to have cleared up:
- The LJ code will continue to be open source (although some of the code base is already closed)
- LJ is not going to become TypePad
- Brad is staying on as a “Chief Architect”. And moving to San Francisco!

And as for the other things:
- Regarding the TOS change - I don’t mind - to be honest, I don’t read those things anyway, whether it be on LJ or any other site. Should I?
- As for LJ getting trackbacks - that’s great, but I’m looking forward more to category support, which was just mentioned in LJ’s State of the Goat. Was that post really only a few days ago??

Now what I still want to know is:
- How much did Six Apart pay for LiveJournal? There was mention of stock and cash, but what about hookers and blow? smile
- Will we be able to make phone posts to numbers outside of the US?

There’s one last thing I want to say about this topic. I love LJ and its community and all, but it’s so hard to read through all the comments that people make on the posts. There’s just so much fluff to go through. It also means people repeatedly ask the same questions.

Rumour - Six Apart to Buy LiveJournal

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Ack ack ack. There is a rumour going around that Six Apart buying LiveJournal. There aren’t many details, but I do not like the sound of this. I see MT/TP and LJ to be two completely different products for two completely different groups. I have both this weblog and an LJ, and I use both frequently. There is a reason why I bother to use both. How would this deal work?

There is no comment about this from either company, so I’ll wait until there is an official response (and more details) before I decide whether to panic. smile

There’s more discussion about this on Slashdot, on LJ, and on blogs everywhere.

Tsunami in the Indian Ocean

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Well, several days after the earthquake near Indonesia and the resulting tsunami, I finally made a donation to the Canadian Red Cross. As did the rest of my family members. It’s been really horrific watching as the death tolls rise. I really can’t imagine what the people who were directly affected are going through. Also I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if it happened late at night, when everyone was sleeping. *shivers*

Besides watching the local news, I’ve been keeping up with the relief effort through these websites:
- 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake page at Wikipedia, there are tons of links there
- Tsunami Help
- WorldChanging

Love this quote

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

George Bush is visiting Canada for two days.

From Reuters:

Bush expressed appreciation for Canadians who greeted him on the route from the airport waving “with all five fingers.”



Animal Ringtones

Sunday, October 31, 2004

I just read a Wired article about cellphone ringtones that are realistic animal sounds. Well I listened to some of the samples that were given in the article (chimpanzee, kookaburra, siberian tiger, etc.) and I really can’t believe that they’re popular! If I heard someone’s cellphone screeching like a chimpanzee I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing.

My cellphone has some animal ringtones already - a cat, horse, and bird. And some other melodies that I’m not too crazy about. I wish it had a normal ringtone that sounds like a regular phone would.

Do Not Call

Friday, September 24, 2004

The Canadian government is thinking of having a national do not call registry. As a consumer I think it’s a great idea. Also, the Canadian Marketing Association has a registration form on their website that removes your name from marketing lists.

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